Healing Properties of Onions

Healing Foods

These amazing healing foods are members of the allium family and a great help in keeping colds and flu at bay.

Onion’s are known for their pungent flavor and bite which can bring tears to the eyes.

The strong eye watering sulfur compounds are also what produces its zesty flavor. The health benefits of the sulfur compounds  contain potent anti-inflammatory properties that relieve cold- and flu, related aches, and congestion. They are also rich In a flavonoid called quercetin, an even more effective congestion buster in onion. This flavonoid queer stun works with vitamin C to stabilize the body’s histamine-producing, sniffle-causing response to germs. The beautiful flavonols that give onions their color have also been shown in a recent studies to help prevent influenza entirely, boosting immunity.

Choose It & Use It
One of the most universal ingredients, onion is used to add flavor to just about any course except dessert. To breathe easier all winter, eat half an onion a day; for the biggest protective punch, make it a red one. Red onions contain more pigment flavonols than yellow varieties. To reduce eye-irritation while chopping, wear goggles and use a sharp knife.

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