Be Daring & Try Something New


Weekly Challenge

There are so many powerful fruits and vegetables out there of so many shapes, colors, textures and tastes.  Each time you are at the store pick up something you haven’t tried before or are not familiar with.  You will be pleasantly surprised that there are many delicious vegetables and fruits that you have not given a chance that are looking for you.  When you pick something up new, look it up, see what it offers in terms of nutrition and become familiar with its wonderful attributes.  Then once you know how amazing it is test it, try it, cut it, slice it and make something that you haven’t before.  Be sure to look up common preparations to this new item so you discover what you will enjoy, and what would be most tasty to your friends and family.

Learning about new foods is really a great way to find new likes as well as what they bring to the table.  I challenge you to get out there and pick something new up even if it is just one piece and explore what awaits to meet you one bite at a time.  This is also great to do when gathering with family or friends introducing new delicious and wholesome fresh foods to others.

Be sure to comment us back on any amazing foods you discover and what you like about them, and how you prepared them.

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