Eating Clean healthy food Isn’t So Hard


Eating clean food isn’t all that hard when you TRY.

Here is a great meal we have weekly when we are short on time.  I soak beans, quinoa and rice weekly in this picture there are black smashed beans. Soak beans for one day overnight the next day cook for about 1 hour on medium heat.  When soft mash.  We had some leftover corn which i cut from the cob, as well as some roasted squash from lunch.  The squash i removed the skin and cut it into cubes. Then topped it with kale, tomato, onion, scallion, and fresh sprouted lentils.

What you need for this one:

Either soaked beans ready for cooking or,
canned low sodium vegetarian black beans
Acorn oven roasted squash (1/2)
BBQ corn on the cob, cut for sprinkling
1/2 cup organic Kale, chopped fine
2 organic Tomato, chopped
1 small organic Red Onion, chopped
organic Sprouted lentils, for sprinkling on top
Green Onions, chopped, sprinkled

For this meal we heat up the beans and top the rest.  Kids and adults also enjoy this one wrapped in a flour tortilla, also makes wonderful hard shell taco.


If you plan ahead and buy your beans dry cheapest are in the bulk section, and soak overnight you can really save a ton on your can foods, while reducing excess sodium.  Although our bodies need sodium it is more the pure state of sodium like pink himalayan sea salt, rather then sodium from processed foods.  We bought the whole foods branded organic black beans which were $1 for the bag.  We only used 1/3 of the bag for dinner for 6.  We used 1/2 of a organic acorn squash that was $4.  The corn on the cob was from the night previous and was 2 for $1 at whole foods.  The kale, tomato, onion, green onion, and fresh lentil sprouts were $4.  To make the fresh sprouts take a sprouter jar or a mason type glass jar.  Soak lentil for 24 hours. Drain, wash, drain again. Do this 2 times per day until sprouts are fully formed then refrigerate and enjoy.  If you do not have a sprouter jar you want to put or make a screen for your sprouts to breathe but grow. They do best in clear glass with a screen or top with holes to breathe.

They are packed with nutrition, inexpensive when you grow your own. They sell a bag which is 1/2 what I yield in sprouter jar for $7.
The seeds run about $1.

This meal is $8 when we prepare it for 6,
which is $1.50 per serving

**Some like to add fresh jalapeno sliced which runs about another $.20 cents.  You may also want to serve with salsa $.50 cents organic jar and or greek yogurt $.10 cents. Adding any of these things would bring the cost up to $2 per serving. This meal you can make and eat in a flash.  If you make up the refried black beans in advance it can be fast food fast.

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