Chocolate Walnut Agave Balls – RAW, Vegan & Vegetarian

Type: Healthy Dessert/Sweet Treat/Sweet Snack Yield: 15 Medium sized raw vegan chocolate walnut balls Chocolate Walnut Agave Balls Natually RAW, Vegan & Vegetarian Time: 5 minutes (4 Item Recipe) Ingredients: 2/3 cup raw Organic Walnuts 1/3 cup Organic Oats 4 Tbsp Organic Agave 2 Tbsp Raw Organic Cocoa Powder Directions: Food Process together blending until…

Peach, Vanilla & Honey Smoothie

Prep Time:  5 min Start to Finish:  5 min Makes:  2 servings (1 cup each) Ingredients: 1 cup frozen organic sliced peaches 6 oz  non-fat vanilla yogurt 3/4 cup orange juice 1 tablespoon honey Directions: Blend all ingredients on high speed for 1 minute or until smooth.  Serve immediately.

Strawberry, Vanilla & Honey Smoothie

Prep Time: 10 min Start to Finish: 10 min Makes: 3 servings (1 cup each) Ingredients: 2 cups non fat vanilla yogurt 10 oz frozen organic strawberries 2 tablespoons orange juice 1 tablespoon honey Directions: On medium blend yogurt, frozen strawberries, orange juice and honey until smooth. Serve immediately.