Alkaline to Acidic pH Food Ranking

If you are one of the many that have been requesting more information on the pH of foods, this is for you.  Below you will find a detailed food listings with their corresponding pH levels that can better assist you in making healthier choices in your movement towards a more alkaline diet and lifestyle.  The…

Acid & Alkaline Ranked Food List

Here’s a chart that ranks foods from most alkaline to most acidic. Ranked Foods: Alkaline  to  Acidic Extremely Alkaline Lemons, watermelon. Alkaline Forming Cantaloupe, cayenne celery, dates, figs, kelp, limes, mango, melons, papaya, parsley, seaweeds, seedless grapes (sweet), watercress. Asparagus, fruit juices, grapes (sweet), kiwifruit, passionfruit, pears (sweet), pineapple, raisins, umeboshi plums, and vegetable juices….