Fresh Apple Blueberry & Peach Pies – Coming Soon!

Healthy Eating & Living requires you to get your veggies in

Be sure to be getting the proper servings of fruits and veggies into your diet.  Remember that you don’t want to over cook veggies as they begin to lose their nutritional value once they have been heated.  Eating them al dente will allow the nutrition to remain intact while also eating them warm. Be sure […]

Non Fat Creamy Goodness

Simple Healthy Snacks without a fuss. Take a container of Non Fat Greek Yogurt.  I like FAGE brand, your favorite will work perfectly.  Then top with delicious pomegranate gems separated from their husk.  Makes a non-fat delicious snack that is both sweet, tart and creamy good. Ingredients: 1 Container 32 oz+ Non Fat Greek Yogurt […]

Finding Value

Market Values How to make the most of your next trip to the farmers’ market BY Barbara Tunick PHOTOGRAPHY Mario de Lopez Handwritten cardboard signs call out the names of magenta dahlias, yellow-eyed daisies, and red-and-orange nasturtiums. Tables are stacked high with just-picked corn, while baskets overflow with peaches, strawberries, and plums. Freshly baked pies […]

Eat Clean For LESS

Brought to us By VT Eat Clean for Less 10 ways to stretch your organic food dollars BY Karen Edwards Does it feel like your weekly grocery bills are approaching the national debt? Food prices are definitely on the rise, but this is no time to stop buying organic. Deborah Madison, chef and author of […]

Farmers’ Market During Summertime

Farmers’ Market During Summertime Summer is such a fun time at the farmers’ market.  There are so many wonderful varieties of produce that are available during this special season.  With the sun’s energy there are many vibrant and delicious fruits available in the summer months. Fruit is sweeter and juicer, watermelon, sweet corn, perfectly ripe […]

Guide to Buying Blackberries

Tips to Buying Blackberries Blackberries are in season now and will be available throughout the summer and all are very healthy sources of fiber as well as Vitamin C.  Most farmers’ markets will have Blackberries, boysenberries, loganberries, and olallie berries which are currently in season.  Fresh berries should be sweet and tart in flavor. When […]

Fish: Omega 3s and Human Health

The benefits of omega 3s in fish are amazing to health.  You must be an educated consumer and be sure you know your fish sources before buying.  With heavy metals and pollution at a high there are different grades of fish and knowing your source is very important.  Be sure you are getting the best, […]

Learn Where to find the best choices for you, your family & Budget

Healthy food stores are not on every corner, unfortunately, herding you into the less desirable choices for health and wellness.  Most all of the conventional store choices charge you the same or more and include heavy pesticides and synthetics on their fruit and produce, as well as many undesirable preservatives and chemicals. Your best bet […]