When you rise at 5am to a sight like this you just KNOW the day is off to a magical start. What an incredible day.  I hope your weekend was wonderful and very much enjoyed!

Majestic Sky Scape

The Spring sky is sure a delight.  I love to be sure to get a glimpse of each days sky as the day turns to night.  Each day is a spectacular array of colors and seem to be very different from one another.  This one made me think of peaches the color was radiantly beautiful. …

Beautiful day turns into an Amazing Night w/ a Pastel Sky

So I had a wonderful start to my week, and I sure hope you all can say the same.  The day was productive getting everything done and then some.  My energy level was just Great getting through the day without any lulls, which I attribute to my healthy snacks and lunch I fueled with today….

Beautiful Sky – We Are Blessed!

Nature and Beauty Collide The sky today is just brilliant.  As the day turns to dusk the hues of colors are extraordinary.  It really looks like it is painted with hues of purple, blue, yellow, orange and red it certainly a magical sight.  What a blessing to witness such gorgeous beauty in nature. I hope…

Incredible Sky & Purple Clouds After the Storm

Incredible Sky & Purple Clouds After The Storm So there was this radical storm today with pounding rain on a vertical.  It came on so suddenly as it often does pounding away messy, wet and cold.  As the rain stopped for a break the sky still very dark turned into purple clouds the incredible hues…