Synthetic Herbicides

Synthetic Herbicides Synthetic herbicides are man-made chemicals used in agriculture to kill plants that are unwanted. Selective herbicides kill only specific plants, while leaving the remainder of crops undamaged.


Organic Organic food is grown by farmers who only use farming methods that strive for a balance with nature and system sustainability. Their methods focus on natural soil improvement and rely on inherent biological systems to produce the highest quality foods with minimal environmental impact. When you see the “organic” label on food, it means…

Eating Organic Natural Foods

There are so many positive impacts to eating organic and natural foods. Benefits of Organic and Natural foods For the body: Eating organic and natural foods will be limiting your exposure and reducing the negative impact chemical pollutants have on your body. Eliminate the intake of synthetic and man-made insecticides, fungicides, and herbicides used in…

Organic Farming

Why Organic Farming is important to you? You may be noticing the increasing availability of Organic, natural and green products showing up at your local grocery or health food stores. You may also be wondering whether it will cost you and your family more to use and consume these products, and whether its worth it….