Gorgeous Zebra BUTTERFLY

This picture really doesn’t do this gorgeous creature any justice.  It was just amazing in person.  Wings filled with black and white stripes with red down the centers and a black, red and white little head.  Wow!  If you have ever seen one of these please comment as we would love to hear more about…

Gorgeous Tulips In Bloom

We have these amazing tulips I have been documenting. They have reached  full bloom today.  Every day I photograph them and seem to capture a photo that was even more fantastic then the day before.  We first showed them to you on a post a couple days back with only a couple open and most…

Rainy With A Touch of Sun

What a beautiful sight.  It rained and rained and then right at its sudden stopping point the sun arrived and warmed up the day.  Nature is all around us and quite amazing when you stop and take a look.  Enjoy your day!

Art & Nature collide: Out and about

Sometimes art is merely about finding the right seat in nature and escaping to the earths boundless beauty. Find yourself a perfect spot from where you are and make it a beautiful sight.  Soak up the bounty of light the sun provides while taking in the delightful blessings the earth sheds upon us. We are…

Peaceful Mountain

Beautiful foot hill red rock desert trek leads to a peaceful mountain top.  A beautiful surprise. You can find great peace and beauty in nature.  Get out and about and explore the wonders of nature and you will be amazed at the beautiful splendors you come across.