Gorgeous Zebra BUTTERFLY

This picture really doesn’t do this gorgeous creature any justice.  It was just amazing in person.  Wings filled with black and white stripes with red down the centers and a black, red and white little head.  Wow!  If you have ever seen one of these please comment as we would love to hear more about…

Majestic Sky Scape

The Spring sky is sure a delight.  I love to be sure to get a glimpse of each days sky as the day turns to night.  Each day is a spectacular array of colors and seem to be very different from one another.  This one made me think of peaches the color was radiantly beautiful. …

Warm Night Sky

As the day escaped and turned to night the sun continued to shine through.  During this shot the sun was bright and shiny until the sky turned to night. It was a beautiful warm night.

Flowers Surround Us

From the evening to the morning another tree was filled with little blooms.  They are all around and quite beautiful.  I cut a small piece to put in the house. Ummm their fragrant too.  Smells like a honeysuckle but they are from a beautiful tree that was bear and now filled with leaves and small…

Blooming Tree Beauties

When I said EVERYTHING is in bloom, I really wasn’t kidding. All our trees were flower filled. It sure is a treat arriving to such JOY. These were from a lovely little apple tree. Look around, beauty surrounds us and it is quite remarkable when you catch it. 

Peaceful Mountain

Beautiful foot hill red rock desert trek leads to a peaceful mountain top.  A beautiful surprise. You can find great peace and beauty in nature.  Get out and about and explore the wonders of nature and you will be amazed at the beautiful splendors you come across.