Beautiful Purple Clementines in Bloom

These flowers just started blooming and they are just stunning.  If you haven’t had the pleasure of seeing Clementine’s in bloom you are in for a real treat.  They are easy to care for and are a vine flower.  They grow rapidly and produce many small fuzzy pod like flowers that open to the pretiest…

Thunder Clouds Move In

So the weather as of late has been just perfect.  Beautiful sunny skies, clear blue days filled with crisp cool nights, gorgeous flowering trees, buzzing bees and the singing of birds in flight. They say rain or thunderstorms are in the forecast, which we do need.  The flowers, trees and shrubs need a good watering. …

Roses Say HELLO

What magical roses these are the color just incredible and the pictures just don’t share their magnificence.  The colors and hues of these beauties were really a sight to remember.  Red, burning yellow and fiery orange, with hints of pink and crimson.  Look around this time of year everything is in bloom and the sights…

This lil guy Zeek Says Hello!

I hope you all are having a FANTASTIC day and week! The spring weather is really beautiful. I ran into a friend “Zeek” who says HELLO to all the BEAUTIFUL readers and subscribers we have. Enjoy your day and EVENING!!!

Flower Filled Trees

The same tree we brought to you last week was bursting with flowers.  The tree is overflowing with these beautiful white flowers.  They only have 4 petals with a beautiful golden yellow inner.  I hope you are enjoying all the beautiful trees filled with flowers this time of year.  It is absolutely amazing to see…

Clear Blue Sky

The rain is gone and the BLUE skies sure are out today. What a BEAUTIFUL DAY! I hope you are enjoying your day wherever you are. Make it GREAT!

Our Resident Lizard Lizzy says Hello

To all of you new to our site this is “Lizzy the Resident Lizard”  she says hello and sends her regards.  We first stumbled upon her one early morning noticing her brilliant green shimmering color.  She seems to love to go to the end of this box daily sitting perched at its end with her…

FLOWERS blooming in a forest of TREES

There is nothing quite like a beautiful day with a vibrant blue sky and endless flowers blooming in a forest of magnificent trees. How lucky we are to see such a sight.  


When you rise at 5am to a sight like this you just KNOW the day is off to a magical start. What an incredible day.  I hope your weekend was wonderful and very much enjoyed!