St. John’s Wort for Energy

St. John’s Wort for Energy The essential oil of St. John’s wort alleviates fatigue and exhaustion and clears the mind.  It can also improve concentration. Directions: Mix 3 drops  of the essential oil with 1 quart of purified water. Drink a glass of this mixture whenever you feel the need to increase your energy level.

Cinnamon, Clove & Sage for Fatigue

Essential Oils for Fatigue Combining the essential oils of clove, sage and cinnamon can help you overcome fatigue. Directions: Dilute the preparation with a few drops of a neutral oil to avoid skin irritation, and rub a small amount of this mixture on your temples, forehead and neck to help combat fatigue.

Energize with Hot & Cold Showers

Energize with Hot & Cold Showers Every morning upon waking, take a hot and cold shower.  Alternate water temperature in 3 minute intervals, first hot and then cold.  Then dry off to stimulate the skin.  Hot and cold showers help boost energy by enhancing circulation and aid the body in removing waste.